Volunteer Cash Donate Food Rescue Food Drives



Cash Donation

As an NGO, we are of constant search of source of fundings to support our overall operations of our organisation. Your donations in-kind will help us to purchase food items, finance the emergency relief  and maintain our operations. 

Food Rescue

If you are a manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers that have food items that lost its commercial value such as out of specificationclose to expiryincorrect labelingdamaged packagingdiscontinued promotional or sample productsingredients that has variation in from recipeexcess stock and customer returns, close to ‘Best Before’ or ‘Use By’ date but still safe for human consumption, you can redirect them to us to redistribute to people in need.


Food Drives

Organising a Food Drive is a good way to generate donations for Food Aid Foundation. By organizing a Food Drive, it can help to create awareness on facts about hungerand how to help reducing food wastage. We encourage schools, higher learning institute and corporation to start a food drive.