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Want to be part of Food Aid Foundations?

We receive and redistribute rescued surplus food manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and food service provider. This includes product that is out of specification, close to date code, has incorrect labelling or damaged packaging as well as excess stock and stock recall.

Other than receiving food supplies from industrial source, we distribute non-perishable food and grocery donations from the public who would like to make donations in form of cash or non-perishable food.

As a non-profit non-governmental organisation, we work on skeleton crew and Volunteers plays an important role in our operations.

Do contact us to find out how you can contribute as a volunteer.

Be our Volunteer

As an NGO running a foodbank, we operate on a skeleton crew of paid employees. Therefore we are always in need of volunteers to help with our operations. By volunteering with us, you are helping to pack and distribute meals to thousands of beneficiary and help to end hunger. Duties can be from picking up food items, packing and redistributing. We also need help at our warehouse for some light duties such as sorting and packing.

We do need volunteers that can offer skills to help us promote, create awareness and campaigning on food collections for us.


  • Assisting us on delivery to homes & Individual family
  • Assist us in food collections
  • Help us to store, packing, inventory and cleaning of our store and kitchen
  • Assist us at our events

Professional or Skill Volunteer

  • Photographer or Videographers
  • Social Media Campaigners
  • Food Technologist
  • Nutritionist or Dietician
  • Event Planner
  • Professional Chef
  • Culinary Students

Group Volunteer

To participate as group Volunteers, kindly email us on the availability and days for us to assigned a task. We encouraged group volunteers to participate in our Food Drive Campaign or help us to create awareness.

Host a Food Box

Interested to host our food box at your location? This is just for non-perishable food items. Our location may be too far for some people to come to drop a can or two. If you can host our food box at your premise, we be more than glad to place it there. We just need to ensure the place is secure.

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Get Involved with Us

Food Aid Foundation offers many opportunities for partnership, some of which may be a good match for your corporate goals for community involvement, employee engagement or marketing. We welcome a wide variety of financial and in-kind support from one-off contributions to ongoing commitments.

Be Our Mission Partner

You can be our mission partners by donating to our operations, sponsoring events and coordinating food drives and providing volunteer groups to assist our efforts to end hunger in Malaysia.

Your organization is helping to end hunger by reaching to thousands of people by providing them healthy, nutritious meals.

In return of this donation, your organization will be given due recognition as a ‘Mission Partner’, with your logo placement that would be prominently featured in Food Aid Foundation’s collaterals.

Special Event

With a donation sum to be determined according to project selection and scale. Food Aid Foundation shall organize a one-off food based project for your organization on behalf for the benefit of any organization or individuals selected by your organization. This project can be of a special food distribution or mass cooking program, such as:

  • Special Treats Program
  • Festivity Event Dining 
  • Disaster Relief Project
  • Emergency Food Relief Project
  • Social Entrepreneurship Program

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